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Darrell started his carrer as a songwriter in 1976 with his first songs being published by the TCC music group in Tampa, Florida a company run by radio personality Paul Hayes. Hayes who owned a recording studio in Tampa co/produced an album on a young group of musicians called (Just Us Brother). Clanton was a member of the group and five of his songs were recorded on the album (J.U.B. & Me) and his songwriting carrer was underway.

However it was after meeting songwriter Chuck Howard and a move to Nashville, Tennessee in 1979 that Darrell's songwriting really started to take off. Darrell was signed as a staff songwriter to the Window Music Publishing Company about one year after his arrival in Nashville. The Company, owned by world famous studio musician and producer Pete Drake was the perfect place for the young up and coming songwriter to learn and network with Nashville's recording artists. In 1981 Darrell's song "The Best Mistake I Ever Made" was recorded by Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie Louvin. Over the next year five more members of the Grand Ole Opy recorded songs written by Clanton. "She Fell Out Of Love With You" by, Ray Pillow / "There Ain't No Short Cuts" by, Stonewall Jackson / "I Know a Goodbye When I See One" by, The Wilburn Brothers and "The Palm of Your Hand" by, Country Music Hall of Fame Member Jean Shepard. In 1983 Darrell's song "Unblind Yourself" was recorded by, B.J. Thomas and his song "You Should See Me Now" was recorded by Grand Ole Opy Member Cal Smith. While Darrell was with (The Window Music Company) his song "I Know a Goodbye When I See One" was also recorded by pop superstar Bobby Vinton.

Darrell also enjoyed the success of a gold album in Norway with his song "What Can I Do To Ge Me Back On Your Mind" recorded by European Country Music artist Bojo Halland. One of the cuts that Darrell is most proud of is his song called  "Another Cheatin' Heart" recorded by Jett Williams (the daughter of the legendary Hank Williams).
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                     Listen to Darrell Clanton Songs recorded by 
                                   some of Country Music's Legendary Artists:

Charlie Louvin - "The Best Mistake I Ever Made"
(Member of the Country Music Hall of Fame)
Writer: Darrell Clanton
Listen Now:

Jean Sheapard - "The Palm of Your Hand"

(Member of the Country Music Hall of Fame)
Writer: Darrell Clanton / Pete Drake
Listen Now:


Wilburn Brothers - "I Know a Goodbye When I See One"

Writer: Darrell Canton / Glenn Worf
Listen Now:


Ray Pillow - "She Fell Out of Love With You"

Writer: Darrell Clanton / Tim Miller
Listen Now:


Stonewall Jackson - "There Ain't no Short Cuts"

Writer: Darrell Clanton / Robert Keyth
Listen Now:


Jett Williams - "Another Cheating Heart"

Writer: Darrell Clanton / Troy Powers
Listen Now:


Cal Smith - "You Should See Me Now"

Writer: Darrell Clanton / Chuck Howard
Listen Now:


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